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imgoing-tostrawberryfields said: Hi!I liked your tumblr!Take a look at mine,and if you like it follow me!!


karaoke-plays said: Oh Jenna, you and your blossoming Niall obsession.

it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing ;D



rosieinfiore said: Hey, I just followed you, and this is crazy, but you asked for askses, to comply I'm happy.

Hey, I just followed back, and this isn’t crazy, because I’m that cool.



Reblog if you appreciate every single follower you have and every message you receive in your ask.

and yet i get no asks

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Not the very button: The Family of Blood


I literally did not think I would ever cry harder than when Rose was lost.

And then this episode happened.

And John Smith happened.

And he just wanted to be a man!

He just wanted to love, to be happy, to have a simple life.

And he was good! He was such a good man, brave and soft.


i’m burning up the sun just to say goodbye

don’t say that you want me, say that you need me

our world could be a wonderland

whenever something happens in my life i imagine how i’ll talk about it in interviews when i’m famous

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